Mission & Goals

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Our values are the same as our membership's: to make a real difference through high integrity meat science. Established in 2001 by the AMSA membership, the foundation's mission is to nurture the people and resources needed so that our science can break through current limitations. We desire to make it possible for the world to enjoy safe, affordable, abundant, nutritious meat that improves health and longevity and productivity. To help create this future, the AMSA Educational Foundation has the vision to expand the recruitment and development of students and young professionals. Eventually, we dream of being able to fund meat science research and expand collaboration to solve problems relating to sustainable meat supply. Together with AMSA members and friends, we are all working to strengthen careers that help feed the world.

The Work of the Foundation

  • Cast the vision for making a difference through our profession, through investing in people, and through "giving back."
  • Develop and implement strategies through which the Foundation may solicit, receive and distribute contributions.
  • Allocate resources consistent with legal and regulatory requirements, the wishes of the donor, and the goals and objectives of AMSA.
  • Ensure prudent investment of contributions made to the Foundation.
  • Develop and maintain procedures for donor recognition.

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