AMSA RMC 2018 - Tuesday - Concurrent Technical Sessions 

Tuesday, June 26

8:30-9:30 am

Keynote: Treavor Butterworth; Sense About Science USA, Executive Director
Sponsored by Kemin

“Trust, Transparency, and Communicating Science” by Trevor Butterworth, founding Executive Director of Sense About Science, USA. Butterworth has written for The Washington Post, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and The New Yorker.com, among many other publications.  This presentation will focus on the reality that facts rarely change people’s beliefs. What does that mean for scientific integrity and progress moving forward?

Concurrent Technical Sessions

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Concurrent Technical Session IV - Marinated Products: A Look at the Other Processed Meat

  • There’s more to the processed meat realm than meets the eye. This session will take a comprehensive approach in to the science of marination. Attendees will gain an understanding of how marination works, best practices within the industry, as well as an investigate the functional ingredients used in a marinade or pickle solution.
  • Speakers: Dale Hunt, JBT Wolf-tec, Dr. Ann Brackenridge, Cargill, and Dr. Jasdeep Saini, Chipotle Mexican Grill

Concurrent Technical Session V - Meat & Nutrition – Sustaining Healthy Protein Sources

  • This session will focus on IRAC and how the new US Dietary Guidelines were developed; why meat is a source of essential amino acids to help us grow and stay strong; along with insight into the growing influence of meatless and animal-less diets.
  • Speakers: Dr. Wayne Campbell, Purdue University, Dr. Eric Berg, North Dakota State University, Dr. Rody Hawkins, Improved Nature and final speaker pending

Concurrent Technical Session VI - Food Safety ~ Pathogen Detection and Microbiological Testing
Sponsored by Texas Tech University International Center for Food Industry Excellence

  • The general theme is Current and Future Perspectives on Food Safety Methodologies. This session will begin with an overview of current food safety methodologies from Alex Brandt and then shift towards the validation of new, rapid, and user-friendly methods for characterizing Salmonella (Tommy Wheeler and Jessica Prenni), followed by a presentation intended to explore whole genome sequencing—specifically at the intersection of food safety and public health (Elaine Scallan).
  • Speakers: Dr. Jessica Prenni, Colorado State University, Dr. Alex Brandt, Food Safety Net Services and Final speaker pending

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