AMSA RMC 2017 - Tuesday - Concurrent Technical Sessions 

8:30-9:30 am
Keynote Presentation - Inside the Minds of Influencers – The Truth about Trust

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Speaker: Charlie Arnot, Chief Executive Officer with Center for Food Integrity

Arnot believes that trust may be the most valuable intangible asset. With it, he says, doors open and opportunities abound. Without it, skepticism reigns, slowing progress and undermining success. In this keynote address, Arnot will explore the challenges of building and maintaining trust and the role that consumer influencers play in this dynamic environment.

Charlie Arnot is recognized as a leader in food and agriculture. He is highly regarded as both a writer and a much sought-after speaker who engages audiences across the globe. Arnot has more than 25 years of experience working in communications, public relations, and issues management within the food system.


10:00 am–12:00 pm

Concurrent Session IV - Meat Flavor Chemistry

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   Session proceedings recording funded by the Beef Checkoff

Call to Order
Bridget Wasser, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and Andrea Garmyn, Ph.D., Texas Tech University

Application of Metabolomics to Understand Flavor and Flavor Stability: A Case Study in Beer: Metabolomics is a high-throughput biochemical profiling method that provides a comprehensive overview of metabolism. In this presentation, the method and application of metabolomics to understand flavor and flavor stability will be reviewed, including a case study in beer production and sensory quality. Dr. Adam Heuberger, Assistant Professor at Colorado State University, will discuss how to perform metabolomics and associate the data to sensory analysis, characterizing metabolite variation during aging, and understanding the influence of raw materials and genetics on flavor.

Using VOC Signatures to Characterize Lamb Flavor: The sheep industry is evaluating the use of technology to sort sheep meat into meaningful categories based on flavor performance. In this presentation, Dr. Dale Woerner, Associate Professor at Colorado State University, will discuss the work recently completed at Colorado State University which has demonstrated a proof of concept for differentiating flavor profiles of sheep meat using VOC signatures.

Post-Mortem Product Handling and Beef Flavor Chemistry: Following harvest there are numerous factors which may influence flavor through chemical alterations. Dr. Jerrad Legako, Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University, will outline how some common post-mortem product handling techniques influence beef flavor chemistry.

Cooking Time and Temperature Influences on the Development of Maillard Reaction Products in Meat: The chemistry underlying the Maillard reaction is extraordinarily complex, but the development of the reaction products is most influenced by cooking parameters.  While many factors affect Maillard products, in this session Dr. Chris Kerth, Associate Professor at Texas A&M University, will focus on the impact that the length of cooking time and temperature have on the development of these aroma and flavor compounds in meat.

Concurrent Session V - A Debate - Current Perspectives in Meat Science

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Call to Order
Betsy Booren, Ph.D., Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Matz PC and Megan Webb, South Dakota State University

This interactive roundtable is intended to engender lively discussion of important meat science topics our industry faces. It is assumed audience participants will have a basic understanding of the unresolved issues surrounding the topics to be discussed in the symposium. Each topic will include a 7-minute presentation in support of (YES) followed by a 7-minute presentation in opposition of (NO) the proposed topic question.

The session will cover four topics: 

  • Should animals only be treated when sick to be ethically responsible to the One Health initiatives?
  • Should mandatory labeling be required for processing aides used in food?
  • Should Salmonella be declared an adulterant in meat and poultry products?
  • Should there only be a single food safety agency?

Concurrent Session VI - State of the Industry: Consumer Driven Research and Development

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Call to Order
Randall Garrett, Food Safety Net Services

Consumer and Industry Macro Trends Influencing Change
Speaker: Christopher Wolf, Insights and Innovation Director, Tyson Foods, Inc.

The Role of Packaging in a Changing World
Shawn Harris, Director of Marketing of Fresh Red Meat in North America Sealed Air Food Care Division- Cryovac® Brand

Consumer and Industry Retail Trends
Joe LaMotta, Fresh Senior Director, Jet.com

Food Safety and Inspection Service and Modernization
Al Almanza, Administrator and Acting Deputy Under Secretary, Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA



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