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International Congress of Meat Science and Technology

The International Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICoMST) is an annual gathering of meat scientists from around the world. The congress is hosted by a different country each year. There is a contact person committee with representation from all participating countries. The committee's primary function is to receive invitations from potential host countries and to determine where the Congress will be held each year.


ICoMST 2010 LogoThe 2010 ICoMST is scheduled for August 15-20 in Jeju, Korea. Complete program and registration information is posted at http://www.icomst2010.org/. Registration and paper submission is expected to open in March.


The American Meat Science Association will be hosting the 2020 ICoMST in the United States.

The US Contact Person is Melvin Hunt, Kansas State University (hhunt@ksu.edu).

ICoMST Contact Point

The primary contact point for ICoMST is Eero Puolanne at the University of Helsinki. He maintains an official list of contact persons and future congress locations at http://www.icomst.helsinki.fi/index.htm.