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  • Pork Production: Farrow to Finish Process

    Pork Production: Farrow to Finish Process

    On average Americans eat around 49 lbs. of pork per person each year. How does all that product end up on your plate? Unlike the beef industry, pork production is very fast paced and always changing rapidly.

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  • What's The Deal With Veal?

    What's The Deal With Veal?

    Veal is meat from a calf or young beef animal. These calves are raised until about 16 to 18 weeks of age, weighing around 450 pounds. Most of these calves are products of the dairy industry. Male dairy calves have little value to the dairy industry, so they are used in the veal industry.

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  • Anatomy of a Food Label: Certified Angus Beef

    Anatomy of a Food Label: Certified Angus Beef

    When you go to the meat counter one thing you may see on a meat label would be the words CAB, or Certified Angus Beef. Consumers hear about this program all of the time as being a better, higher quality option for beef. What is the purpose behind this program and what makes the beef labeled CAB different from the rest?

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  • How much fat is in meat?

    How much fat is in meat?

    The amount of adipose tissue differs widely among carcasses. The amount of fat stored in adipose tissue and the total quantity of adipose tissue increase rapidly as animals mature (if they are on a high plane of nutrition) and can be affected by the amount and type of feed fed to the animal, hormone balance and genetics.

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  • How to Incorporate Lean Meats in Your Diet

    How to Incorporate Lean Meats in Your Diet

    According to the USDA My Plate campaign a person should consume 3 ounces of lean protein per day. You may ask yourself the question, "What is considered lean?" Lean meat can be anything from pork, chicken, beef, lamb, or fish. Checkoff programs have identified lean cuts of meat for beef and pork.

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