74th RMC Schedule of Events

Please note the AMSA 2021 RMC will be in Reno, Nevada USA. Reno is on Pacific Time Zone.


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Saturday, August 14, 2021

7:30 -11:00 am - Kansas City Barbecue Society Certified BBQ Judge Course 8:00 am  - AMSA Board Meeting
11:30 am - 5:30 pm - Iron Chef Competition Collegiate Barbecue Contest
6:00 pm - AMSA Development Council Meeting
6:00-8:00pm - Processed Meats Competition

Sunday, August 15, 2021

8:00 am - Student Research Competition - Undergraduate, Master and Ph.D.
8:00 am - Golf Tournament
9:00 am - Undergraduate Quiz Bowl Competition - Preliminary Rounds
1:00-5:00 pm - RMC Career Fair
1:00-2:00 pm - Intercollegiate Meat Coaches Association Meeting
3:00 pm - Think Tank Session - The Future of Meat Science…..Departments, Instructors, Students, Employees
6:30 pm - RMC Welcome Reception
     7:15 pm - RMC Research ePoster Competitions Awards Presentation
     7:30 pm - Undergraduate Quiz Bowl Finals

Monday, August 16, 2021

8:00 am - Opening Sessions
8:30 am - Keynote Presentation - Navigating the Future of Meat– Jack Bobo, CEO, Futurity
9:30 am - ePoster Viewing Session and Networking Break
9:30 am - Accompanying Person Program-National Automobile Museum and lunch
10:30 am Concurrent Technical Sessions

  • Concurrent Technical Session I - Best Practices for Spices, Seasonings, and Flavors in Processed Meats
  • Concurrent Technical Session II - Pre-Harvest Factors Influencing the Biology of Skeletal Muscle as Food
  • Concurrent Technical Session III - Food Waste/Food Insecurity

12:30 pm - Networking Lunch and AMSA Committee Meetings
2:00 pm - Reciprocation Sessions - Multiple Topics
3:00 pm - ePoster Viewing Session and Networking Break
4:00 pm - Reciprocation Sessions - Multiple Topics
6:00 pm - Softball Game
6:30 pm - RMC Family Picnic
9:30 pm - Student Mixer

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

7:30 am - Opening Sessions
8:00 am - Keynote Presentations - Innovations in Food Safety

Emerging Meat Processing Technologies for Microbiological Safety of Meat and Meat Products  - Manpreet Singh, Ph.D., Interim Head, Department of Food Science and Technology and Professor, Poultry Science Department, University of Georgia

Practical Elimination of Raw Meat Microbiological Risk using Thermal Pasteurization, a Novel Meat-Safety-Driven Technology – Nick Roth, President, empirical Innovations, Inc. and empirical Technology, Inc. 

9:00 am - ePoster Viewing Session and Networking Break
9:30 am  - Accompanying Person Program- Sonny Boys Tour and lunch
10:00 am - International Keynote Presentation

How Meat Science Academic Programming Can Facilitate Undergraduate and Graduate Student International Exposure – Keith Belk, Ph.D., Professor and Head, Department of Animal Science as well as an Adjunct Professor in the Colorado School of Public Health

11:00 am - Reciprocation Sessions - Multiple Topics
12:00 pm - Networking Lunch and AMSA Business Meetings
1:30 pm - Concurrent Technical Session IV, V and VI

  • Concurrent Technical Session IV - More than Just Meat
  • Concurrent Technical Session V - Poultry to Pork – Lessons Learned With Salmonella
  • Concurrent Technical Session VI - Sensory and Consumer Testing Methods

3:30 pm - ePoster Viewing Session and Networking Break
4:30 pm - Reciprocation Sessions - Multiple Topics
6:30 pm - RMC Awards Reception
7:30 pm - RMC Awards Banquet

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

6:00 am - Fun Run
7:30 am - Panel Discussion - United Nations Food Systems Summit: Implications and Actions for the Meat Industry
8:15 am - Opening Sessions and RMC 2022 Welcome Video
8:30 am - Keynote Presentation - Nutritional Importance of Animal Protein in the Diet - Teresa A. Davis, Ph.D., Professor of Pediatrics, USDA/ARS Children's Nutrition Research Center, Baylor College of Medicine
9:30 am - Networking Break
10:00 am Concurrent Technical Sessions

  • Concurrent Technical Session VII - Meat in our Diet
  • Concurrent Technical Session VIII -Sensors for Monitoring Quality and Safety of Meat and Meat Products in Supply Chain
  • Concurrent Technical Session IX -Processed Meats vs Alternative Proteins - New Technologies Focus

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