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    Monday Keynote:

    Co-Sponsored by Lone Star Beef Processors and AMSA Educational Foundation Roger Mandigo and Robert Merkel Mentor Recognition Funds

    Attendees can expect an insider’s view of the top priorities facing U.S. legislators in the areas of sustainability, foreign trade, research funding, and food safety as the Congressmen address key issues facing the meat industry and the scientific community. This is the first time that Congressional Leadership at this level has addressed an RMC audience.


    • Congressman Mike Conaway, United States Congress representing Texas’11th Congressional District and U.S. House Committee on Agriculture Chairman
    • Congressman David Rouzer, United States Congress representing North Carolina's 7th Congressional District and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Livestock and Foreign Agriculture

    Tuesday Keynote:

    Agriculture: Trends, Topics and Tomorrow
    Sponsored by Cargill  

    From growing up on a dairy farm in Indiana, to now speaking to over 1,600 audiences in 50 states and 8 foreign countries, Damian Mason is a professional speaker with a message for the people of agriculture.  His presentation, Agriculture: Trends, Topics and Tomorrow, will be an intelligent, provocative commentary on the issues impacting the agriculture industry that will be delivered in an entertaining manner.

    • Speaker: Damian Mason, Executive Entertainment

    Wednesday Keynote:

    Communicate Science and Engaging the Public
    Sponsored by Elanco Animal Health  

    Jeanne Braha will capture the audience’s attention as she addresses how to “Communicate Science and Engage the Public,” encouraging the audience to take a more personal and proactive interest in public engagement. She will address why researcher involvement in public communication and engagement of science is not only valuable, but also something that is needed. Braha will also share strategic science communication tips and resources, and discuss how to find outreach opportunities.

    • Speaker: Jeanne Braha, Project Director with the American Association for the Advancement of Science

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