AMSA 2018 Student Leadership Conference

The 2018 Student Leadership Conference will be held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on March 23-24. The theme of this year's conference will focus on marketing and branding yourself. Students will hear from a variety of industry professionals on how to create your own unique brand in professional settings, as well as on social media outlets. Students will also learn how to address the media through radio or on-camera interviews and receive feedback and tips from media professionals. Several industry tours in the Oklahoma City area will offer great exposure to companies in the meat and foodservice sectors. Additionally, the student networking event is scheduled on the pre-conference agenda for a fun-filled experience in OKC! Mark your calendars. Registration will open tomorrow!

Event Details:

Dates: March 23-24, 2018
Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Registration Rates:

Regular Registration - 12/15/2017-2/26/2018

Undergraduates: $100
Graduate Students: $100
Young Professionals $150

Late Registration - After 2/26/2018

Undergraduates: $150
Graduate Students: $150
Young Professionals $175

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