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National Western Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest

  • Dates: 14 – 15 Jan, 2018
  • Location: Greeley, Colorado, United States
The coaches meeting and the student mixer will be held at the JBS Corporate Offices in Greeley, CO on January 13th.  

The contest will take place at the JBS Beef facility in Greeley, CO on January 14th beginning with registration for the Senior Division at 5:45am in the main cafeteria, followed by the A-division registration at 8:00am.  

The banquet will be on Monday, January 15th at the National Western Club which is part of the NW complex.  Gate passes will be provided by the NWSS but parking will be on your own.  Please contact Rachel Adams, Youth Programs Director with any questions.


  • PORK 101 Curriculum and Host Committee

    A committee consisting of subject matter specialists and PORK 101 hosts that maintains the curriculum for PORK 101.

  • National 4-H Meat Judging Advisory Committee

    Advisory group for the National 4-H Meat Evaluation and Identification Contest.