Lexicon for Meat Science & Technology Allied Fields

This Lexicon is a work-in-progress. Ultimately it will be published as a journal submission in Meat and Muscle Biology. References to the lexicon may be cited as:

AMSA, 2017. Lexicon for meat science and technology allied fields. http://www.meatscience.org/lexicon

The definitions supplied in this document were developed to provide consistency in application and research concerning food proteins derived from animals. These terms are not necessarily intended to replace terms as commonly used for international meat and poultry products’ trade and regulations, e.g., as provided in the North American Meat Institute’s ‘Meat Buyer’s Guide’, Title 9 CFR, and/or other internationally recognized references.

Comments and suggestions on any aspect of the lexicon may be submitted via email to the lexicon committee at lexicon@meatscience.org.

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